Monday, 2 January 2012

Project Life 2012 Day 2 - Resolutions

Well, I've managed to keep this up for two days - not bad so far!

Jan 2-- needs a New Year Resolution photo. Take a pic of something you want to change & let it serve as a "before".

Today's prompt was a tough one for me. I rarely make resolutions because when I do make them I rarely keep them. I suppose it's a self-defence mechanism to save myself from the inevitable feeling of failure. But after much hard thought I have made two this year. The first I am doing right now, keeping up my blog. The second....

Our lovely Beetle has been languishing in the garage since we moved house in June 2010. He's a fabulous old car and is really my pride and joy, but being stuck in a garage with two other vehicles in front means he doesn't often see the light of day any more. So I am going to resolve to take him out more often. Just the small matter of an MOT to get through. We've not encountered any major MOT issues in the last 7 years so fingers crossed for this one!

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