Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Project Life 2012 Day 10 - Every Day

1/10 Take a photo of something you use every single day without fail. It could be your car, your phone, your hairbrush or whatever.

Just before Christmas 2009 I had my heart set on getting myself an Ipod Touch, but just couldn't really justify spending the money on myself so I decided to wait and see if I had a little bit of Christmas money or vouchers to put towards it. Lucky lady that I am, my lovely husband bought me one for Christmas (and not to show off too much, it was hiding inside a Radley handbag!).

Two weeks later I found out I was pregnant and my ipod became a bit of a lifeline through pregnancy insomnia, waiting for appointments, then keeping in touch when I was on maternity leave and keeping me awake through night feeds in the early weeks. Aside from that it makes a great torch and handy distraction tool for nappy changing.

It's pretty rare I go as far as to say something's changed my life, but where my ipod is concerned I really would go that far! It's changed the way I keep in touch with people, and once in a while I even use it to listen to music!

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