Friday, 24 May 2013


Well it certainly has been a while! But I've been feeling some crafty inspiration lately so here, hopefully, is the start of a few more posts :)

The recent spate of television programmes about hoarders have got me thinking a bit about my stash of "useful" bits and bobs. It's certainly not a hoard on the scale of anything featured on the tv programmes I've been watching, but there were one or two things I identified with. Particularly the idea of keeping things that could be useful one day! As a case in point, I've been hanging on to an old broken shopping bag for ages thinking I would either repair it or re-purpose it in some way. One day......

Well today I finally decided to seize the day, and here are the results!

Firstly, I took the bag apart and got rid of any ripped or broken bits:

Then I cut up some wadding to be slightly smaller than the bag. I used 6 layers but my wadding was quite thin.

To make the sitter water proof I put the wadding inside a thick bin bag and then used gaffer tape the seal it up.

I used my sewing machine set to a long stitch to sew up the two sides of the bag to make a pocket, then put the wadding inside. Then I sewed along the top of the bag, keeping the handles out of the way.

To neaten the edges I used the left over fabric from the bag side gussets to bind the edges. I could have used ribbon or bias binding. I stitched it right sides together to the edge of the bag at the front.

Then flipped the bindings over and hand stitched them down on the back. A thimble and strong needle and thread were needed here.

All this took about half an hour, and now Lily has a waterproof sitter for picnics in the garden. Now all we need is some Sun!