Thursday, 12 January 2012

Project Life 2012 Day 12 - Morning Drink

1/12 January is National Hot Tea Month Take a photo of your morning pick-me-up. Is it tea, coffee, 5hr Energy, or chocolate milk?

I always need rehydration in the mornings, before caffeine. And to be honest I drink enough caffeine at work without needing it at home as well! So here it is - Redbush Tea with Vanilla.

Incidently, this is my favourite mug. Not just for the witty (and pretty true) little slogan on it, but it is one of those mugs that just feels right. Not too chunky, not too thin, just the right size. In fact, I might have to go and buy another one just in case this one gets broken as I'm pretty sure I'll never find another mug that quite lives up to this one!

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