Sunday, 10 April 2011

In Praise of Dads

Steve has spent a busy weekend doing "dad stuff", helped for some of it by my own dad, which got me thinking.

The great thing about my dad is that he knows stuff. Not intellectual high brow stuff, but really useful stuff like a bit of plumbing, a bit of carpentry, a bit of plastering, a bit of gardening, a bit of bricklaying, a bit of car maintenance. Stuff that helps you get stuff sorted without having to "get a man in" every time.

The other great thing about my dad is that he has stuff. He has plenty of useless tat, but he also has really useful things like all manner of sizes of spade, a 6 foot long solid iron bar (that came in handy today!), various spares for hoses, any size of screw or nail you can get the idea.

The main great thing about my dad is that, despite being in his mid-70s, he's always ready to pop over and give us his help and advice whenever we need it. I am really lucky to have a great relationship with my parents, which my mum puts down to the fact that I am far more like my dad in personality than I am like her! I hope Lily grows up to think as much of her dad as I do of mine.

And talking of Lily... she seems to be the star of this blog! So for no other reason, here is a pic of her enjoying her latest new toy:

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  1. Very amusing! I loved the starting comment - The great thing about my dad is that he knows "stuff".